Cross Country

Cross Country Moving Tips

Whether renting a moving van, shipping a container or hiring professional movers, it’s important to begin preparations at least two months before your move.

  1. Start Cleaning:

    Burn calories, alleviate stress and breathe easier (quite literally) with a healthy dose of spring cleaning. No sense in moving your dust bunnies cross country – so dedicate yourself to a fresh start with a good ol’ fashioned sweep and mop.

  2. Cut the Clutter:

    You can significantly cut the weight of your moving load by ridding your home of clutter and kitsch before you start packing. Old magazines, books, and curios are a good place to start. Many of these items can either be donated or recycled.

  3. Time to Pack:

    Start your packing process by collecting supplies and boxes. Make sure your cardboard boxes are durable enough to survive a cross country move.

  • Changing Your Address.

    The USPS makes it easier than ever to fill out an official Change of Address form. Visit the United States Postal Service website up to three months before moving day to schedule your address change. They’ll even send you coupons for moving products and services!
  • Setting Up Utilities and Services.

    You should also set up utilities such as gas, water, trash, phone, cable and internet before move-in day. Your landlord or realtor should be able to provide a list of local utility information.